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Amazing Subconscious Influence System That Instantly Converts Objections To Cash, Or It’s FREE!

In this brief but power-packed training, I’ll share my “under the radar” system you can use to quickly and easily counter and crush virtually any objection in ways your prospect cannot consciously detect or resist.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use the raw power of "leverage language" to crush price resistance, so you can consistently and predictably close more high ticket sales and clients
  • A simple, 30-second, word-for-word script that instantly and completely destroys the all-too-common "I need more time" objection (master this and I promise, you'll NEVER have to let a prospect or client get away with this obnoxious smokescreen ever again)
  • How to get your objecting prospects to literally talk themselves into the sale, using the "PI" principle
  • A word-for-word "unconscious entrainment" script that annihilates the world’s second- and third-most common objections
  • And much, much more!

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This is for those who want to be disruptive in their industries using disruptive ideas and practices, both intra-personally and interpersonally.

Drawing on my 30+ years of experience as trainer and coach, I’ll share:

  • The world’s most effective and easy way to stay motivated and confident in the face of the the most painful "nos" and setbacks (no, it has nothing to do with "positive" thinking, visualizing success, or any other method you've learned before)
  • How to use three simple "magic" words to eliminate any limiting belief - in under 60 seconds
  • How to easily learn from every experience so you exponentially increase your real-world sales skills every day
  • And much, much more!

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